Don’t Call the Suicide Hotline …<Man@work>

4 min readNov 20, 2020

If your life depends on i.t., don’t call the Hot-Line or con-sult Medium
Am Eye bee-ing banned, ire-responsible 4 admitting ass He.Ca. prof.?
I tried calling the Nay-shun-aLE SUICIDE Prevention Life-Line thiz P.M..
Great grating Be.LOG. fod-der, Father, B.T.W.. she hung up on me!..

They hung up on me! Oui hung up on me! RU hanging up & UP on U.S.?
Eyes called Care-wren, then Am-&a. They didn’t give me their last names. Y?
Butt, they Want-ed my good Sir Name. Is that Hippo-Crassy? Why wanted Y!
I asked them 2 con-sultan their S.O,S orient-tazer-shun man-ual in-stead...

They hung up on me on the Golden Bridge, 4Know-Where in partic-ular.
Marin Co. or b-yawned save ore dig me? Men-Doe-Sin-Oh? Fort Brag?
The National Suicide Hot-Line bye proxy called me “ABUSIVE” fr. a rep..

Rep-u-tation H.R. seekers? Eye asked her 2check her Orientation.
4abusive bee-have-savior, sa-Dvour, Bitter sweet..
@Tempt-turds., Eye asked Her 2look @the T.o.C. or TIme of DAYZ
Tick tock, time wuz wasting 4ME..Heath-Cliff

Wurther-ing, eye hung up on the Suicide Prevent-shun Hot-line this A.M..
3:58 A.m.aft-er … Aft-er they hung up on me ass-my-X did, yes-turd-Day.
Ass my Attorney abandoning me, my X’s great grating Whyte Shark Lawyer 2..

Eye ran a Warm, Know Hot, bubb-babble bath wit’ Frozen (T.M.) brand
lsa grabbed a Bottle of 4Gget-fool-Kness like amber Au & a Na-Na-Nonny
Aye, putt Oh-feel-I-U.S.’ razor’s edge on the rim wit’ eXacT-Oh precise-shiLo.

Waiting for 4 Black-outs 2 Choos or D-cider ore Death by & bye knivez….
Paper weighting 4Death ore Tore-meants’, gravity or J.C.’s light-Kness calling
Kindness, cheers, iz all Eye & I & Aye can sayE & due 2 … sir-render… Chia..

IAwoke up in the mourning dunked in a cold morning bath H2.Oh style.
The H.2.H.2.Ox. wuz clear, knot scar-let red ass eyes hope-ed i.t. woody Be..
Eyes read-up on Munch-House-&-Sin-Drum on Redd-I.T..Sis…Tahh….Sissy..

My eyes realized You & X & I, Aye, R in knotsz, all along, Git’ going…
ON wit’ I.T., butt, EYE A.M. Ham-let,wen my Sun, Star & Appl of my I iz gone
Wit’ the Wind like my date wit’ Dis-en-tangled buy out, Death & Bee-Yond..

Dance wit’ me, Buzz, un-discover-e.d. neigh-Shun, wit’out my wits..
Banned? Me home bye; bring-ring my Dsending sun X,4 goodness sakes..
@least un-til the Pan-demonick rages 2an END ass alll divorces do & dew...

Good ride-ants wit’ Global Warm-ing & WWIII…
&R Co.Mas.Ejac. (C.ME.) & Earth’s Magnetic Flip Flops happen-ing.
@H.B.O. ass St.Hawk-Kings, A.Ein-Stein, N.Tesla, St. Nick, St. John..

4-Told & J.C. pro-mised his child-wren, HE WILL …
Bind the Broken Heart-ed, Set the Victims & Capt.’s free..

HE will reveal punishment 4the Nat’l Suicide Hotline
Shame on YOU & Ewe
Shame on U.S. & U & You &
Shame on ME 4trusting dis-U.S.A. wit’ my life

S.O.S. Bee still ….

Carry 0n as JC did on St. Chris’ back…
On-ward, Christian soldiers…
Knot Worriers!
High on Couches & …