DCG, your response is so “click-baity”. There is precedence to have a black person in the Oval Office even though Trump claimed that Obama wasn’t even an official US citizen. It’s not a wonder that Obama and Harris had single moms and dead-beat dads. She never claimed racial purity. Get your facts straight. How can she claim to be all Black? She was half black, half indian and all American. Are you saying half-Indians can’t attend Howard U? RU afraid of dark women like white Trump does? As a man, get over your Latino male privilege as MW wrote. Heckle all you want on Medium. I won’t clap for you, but it’s fun roughing you up a bit with my yellow, male privilege brother to brother. It’s not nice to bully girls especially if she becomes your Veep. What’s your beef with black girls and racial purity like white stormtroopers? I prefer Princess Lea over the Sith Lord any day. Hypocrisy is entertaining up to a point, afterwards, it hurts in the political arena and all Americans if the butt of our jokes is on women who want to be leaders, whatever color. We are 99% related to chimps. The irony is painfully B&W.


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