2 min readMay 27, 2021



Why clean when things gets dirty?
Every 2 months of peace & ropes
A third of divorce without daddy
Makes me soil this runny dope

Unless clean is really spotty
Down to the atom am I dirty?
Surrounded by white professionals
Who are sinners & saints then?

To be clean like smoke
be the negative space
Clean chimneys exhaling jokes
Positive pressured flutes of sin & vice

Without contrition or redemption
e spew unnaturally above homes
Making blue interesting as shame
Composing a symphony like a sham

Clean like refuse composting
Without onlookers bubbling
All are clean & stains are weeds
Cleaner than debris rotting

Clear the path from birth on
By looking back with eyes clean
By looking forward I see
Myself scrubbed bare

Trust in slick decay
Babes wrinkled to aging cracks
Turning people to calcified bones
The pain of baptism dulled

See me as crystal clear crap
Crabby every birthday molting
Trust in blind-alleys & shedding scraps
At the beginning of recycling, clean

All the travails are gold medals
Look back at the trail of hidden silver
Leading me here at shame’s pinnacle
It only comes once, thank God

Past my peak, clear me a way down
Go on a one-way trip to the grave
Only the clean will come out alive
Like Jesus & a few never chosen

In the waiting game, we trust
stead of licking bowls left
If I were dead today, I’d be washed
My grave comes to soil me hourly

Let death know the soil is clean
Cleaner than a soul self-raped
Clean before Christ was white as a lamb
When bishops scalped tickets, MLK

By choice, I am a clean sinner
While brethren fly & go deep
While society goes to pot
Sinners losing faith in US

Wishing a dead man was tapping
Realizing that this was true
I was dead on the outside
Beaten like hide & surface
I was aroused by blue

Wondering if dead men dye
Making dads clean as mirrors
The in-betweens are the worst
Not for highs, but for both

Am I become a walking dead?
Why didn’t someone tell me?
We all are R
Unlike all other mammals

Worshipping in God’s Eden
e were never thrown out
We held onto our spectacle
Earth’s laughing stocks

Spectacular in self-destruction
Taking half the kingdom with US
Some clean thought others were not
And the chosen chose to vandalize

What is always clean
Now decays to clean
Without edges
Without borders
Squeaky …