Both the court and your son want you to not discuss your X's relationship. Even if you think, it's in the best interest of a 7-year-old, most relationships tend to be one-sided and a passive-aggressive club. Talking to your son will bring out the momma gator in your X from personal experience. Talking to your son would be like talking to a baby croc in the unfamiliar ways of men needing disclosure. The hardest lesson in divorce is to hold your cards close to your heart and reining in the smile or mouth because of your royal flush. You got your victory over her; no need to do a cakewalk on your son imho. Listen to the courts that can take away custody by a father's loose larynx and an impressionable son too young to understand & overwhelmed by grownups he loves knee-capping each other before & after separation. Children comprehend the unspoken language better than any adult’s hot air. They ignore the air expelled and see to the core that even a caring father cannot realize. Steady as she goes. Every tunnel has an exit otherwise we’ll be trapped in an endless cavern fit only for one father hollering for an avalanche. Learn to love doing nothing and feeling helpless. Other animals do it like second nature and thrive with their brood.


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