Another understatement of homo sapien history? "Humans create gods rather than gods creating humans." Where is your proof or evidence, Nick? Where is your p-value? Is it significant? Or is this an inflated opinion? I think the Navajos, Hopis, indigenous cultures around the world would be laughing their spirit heads off with Anansi. They believe we are the dreams of the Dreamer. We could debate which side an egg should best be cracked all night, when we are all hollow shells ourselves foolishly full of ourselves. I hope humans can create a better future than our race's bitter inevitable end enslaved to our dopamine rush. The pandemic, Global Warming, the Holocaust, lynchings are not good omens for humans. Imho, I think homo sapiens are secretly 1 mother of a self-hating suicidal species or wanting to be gods to punish God. G'night.


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