2 min readJan 16, 2021


America seems to be governed by Murphy's Law rather than by the people or greedy policymakers. January 6th is a good example of united we stand divided we....

Another example of how the US does the opposite of most nations to combat CoViD-19: The US gov't not only caves into right-wing pressure, but they lean on states to open businesses, causing America to be the new super-spreader during the fall of 2020.

Likewise, US policymakers are now requesting vaccine doses be cut in half though there is not enough evidence. If the US goes ahead with this policy, won't they will be accelerating CoViD-19's evolution like antibiotic over-use and Multi-Drug Resistant super-bacteria? Besides, most states have injected less than half of the distributed vaccine supply. Why ration when there is a glut of uninjected vaccines?

In this doomsday scenario, I would imagine the UK would fare better than the US if the US policy-makers don't alter Murphy's course. Half-does of spiked protein such as the one given in the UK can elicit a similarly potent immune response since all you need is 1 killer ninja memory B-Cell.

However, with mRNA encased in a lipo-particle, wouldn't half dose will be mean half the antigen is produced endogenously versus the full dose. mRNA vaccines are essentially pre-vaccines (pre-antigen) while the one in the UK is a "direct" vaccine (100% antigen).

The amount produced by your own body cannot compare to the boat-load of traditional vaccines such as Astra-Zeneca's, China's & Brazil's (I think).

Luckily, if the next CoViD-19 variant evades all current vaccines, the UK is more likely to be screwed than the US. mRNA vaccines can easily be re-sequenced and mass-produced. Traditional vaccines require months if not years...

The dis-United States of America doesn't need more help screwing over its citizens. The people and the US policymakers are at their throats while the proverbial virus in wolf's clothing picks off the frail, the elderly & the colored 1st in this great nation of mine & refusing to mask-up the frailest of the colored cohort.