1 min readJan 14, 2021


Always a pleasure to read your rigorous scientific reports. You're top of the class in Medium's COVID-19 blog imho.

Your report reads like a apocalyptic Sci-Fright screenplay.

It looks like mutations at position 501 is a hot spot. I'm most concerned about the South African variant, B.1.351 lineage (a.k.a. 20C/501Y.V2)

The cited paper begs the question: if COVID19 infected hosts can mount an adaptive immune response, how is the virus able to survive?

Perhaps vaccine makers should also work on revving up the innate immune response such as priming T-Cells?

Most concerning about the South African variant is that its 3D shape can decrease efficacy of vaccines.

Do you think traditional heat-killed virus vaccines (like the Chinese vaccine & AstraZeneca) are as robust as mRNA based vaccines like Pfizer & Moderna?

Do you think mRNA vaccines are preferable to traditional vaccines since COVID-19 is continually adapting to our vaccines? Can mRNA vaccines be re-sequenced if COVID19 evades current vaccines based on genome sequence from 2019?

Finally, what are your thoughts on half-dose vaccines promoted by politicians with only a shred of scientific awareness? Do you think it is a repeat of our misuse of antibiotics creating MDR superbugs because of Human natural selection?

Are we inadvertently creating the next SUPER-COVID19 with our vaccines & dis-united global policies? Should we be acting more like a unified cancer on Earth to combat a viral pandemic rather than individualists in a disunited global economy?

Thanks. The last question was rhetorical (I know the answer to that one ;)