Return of the Kali Particle. Higgs Boson’s Twin Lives!

49 min readSep 3, 2020


So does her twin, Janus & prometheus. Oui, whee are made fr 1:100,000,000,000th @least of the universe’s matter including watt’s dark stuff. What’s the matter, photon got ur tongue, Moo-Gin? Who-gin, the rest is made of Darkest of Dark Energy & the very 1st photon God created.

Atom & Adam un-locked that lite in the very 1st Proton God ever created, that 1 day when i.t. went ALL 2 shite like Prom-ee-theus screw-ing Sissy-phy.u..s. we, oui, had the fire. The rest is His-Angry-Story.

Higgs Boson’s Fieldset, their stages @ the Globe Theatre, that miser-Able day in the 1 spun-out far-out few-tour. The Great-ing Ameri-Can’t Novel will begin after a short break fr our sponsors & Patrons on a pain-ting brake later on in the future.

Emperor Julian ushered in hard times when our Earth was middle-aged that eve in 2134 A.D., the night he will b-born. The Devil will b-d feat-e.d. a-gain by & bye the Son of the Sun of Man & Woah-Men divorced when B.C. b-came A.D. in a Nazi-serene-city.

Their Xs brought their best wrecking balls, sold on Ebay 4-40 dayz, 2-tempt the Sun of Man wit’ Cathy-odes’ Volt-Ages & Mirror-Ages of the Son of Man setting just 4 U.S.. on Judgment day.

I don’t under-stand 4-giveness, but many legions of princesses came & went with their just desserts & lying deserters un-eaten 4 40 dayz late-err fr when the 1 true Easter’s Egg crack-e.d. in 2136 A.D.. How old was JC then?

The Anti-Krist will be re-born in a manager in the kewl butt cruel city of Bethel-Hamlet in Chica-go still un-affect-ed ever evil afflicted bye vices & virtual virtues & eh-tudes. Choose or Choos, the location will be undecipherable 2 all butt 1.

Tyrian Purple will reign ever sickly 2 this day after day after the collapse of the Body of Christ 2 millennia later in 1987 A.D..

Minutes aft-err JC ass-cended His parents, then begin 2 micro-manage St. Peter 2 death @the Pearly Grates, the Church was di-vi-dead b-fore Solo-mon like a torne baby.

Constant-tine was the Card-in-ale & Judas & Pont-tius 2 the Church many years later as Julian declared himself Augustus in New-Gaul when Africa was libel-rated fr. the stench of brutish sons of Caine’s history. Ass America is the new I-Knew-I.T- I’m-new-it Rome, their citizens continue 2 burn wit’ the White Plague even in 2194 A.Dumb-in-ee. His death heralded the end of democracy 2.

JC made it 2 60 or was it ‘94-’36?

After the diaspora in 2134 A.D., 60 yrs later, when the 4 Queens ascended 2 their thrones in Eritrea, South Africa, Tunesia & Mauritania, after the rain washed away the Golden Gates in the Flood of 2129 A.D., after Pandemic #4 wiped out a quarter of our population in 2132 A.D., 2 years b4, the meat will b softened 4 the sexy blow by 4 Qs 2 dot the Y’s tease.

The people will bcome so sick of the Sons of Caine, but not Abel, the butt of all men’s jokes, but knot Buck’s buttockss. Sick of their buttered serpent tales of tails running tail btw their Hind-Quarters 2 Mars & B-Yawn-ed.

The last black hole will yaw & yawn in the mid-dle of our milky galaxy as in the under-sub-space-currents of the U-nigh-Verse sucking, crying 4 another Messiah, waiting 4 the drain 2 stop, running on emp-T, agasp of the Higg Boson fields of golden hares & Hindi-go spread wide like a world web fr the last hour of our unique-verse’s Big Bang & tragic yet comic ending by Kali’s demise, his suicide pact fulfilled by a grate grand daughter born in an A.I. bastard.

Beauty, U.S. 2 & Me & U were made of Heavy Elements, the 0.03% to the 99.97%, the Higgs Boson fields will rest in their cold graves wit’ a sole-E.M. mass of Death & Deaf & Grief of Gravi-ties bee-yawned imaginations’ reach.

In their frigid emp-ty arms d-void of light & b@ng will Higatha Bosonians rest in their twin binary ray-quiems, the e.m.-brace of Emperor Julian C in 2134 A.D.. Play me a sweet requiem when Kali is in pieces & H.B. will b wit’ the child in the changeling’s Umma when he is 3 scores older.

Where will bee the love like a cane on 10,000 shins? R-U man enuf 2 endure H.B.’s just purple rain & reign when the end hour of our times cums for Her Sistas & Hera’s U.S.?

KNow-ware else 2-goad in mocking prose, Stone? LSD? Go where4 2-where to from this bitter end? The space-train will-B leaving 4 Red Mars lunched fr. a Yellow peninsula called United Korea (The True U.K.). Hurry. DON”T Tarry. Don’t B-Tardy 2 the Event Horizon (E.m.H.).

The whistles r-a blowin’ like T-ket-tiles in the Isle of Man tolling & trolling & toiling 4 extinction’s bitter-sweet Scottish distinction. Y ken?

Tarry 2know more faithless 1. Swallow till Ur close-quartered or 1/4. Cries r-herd 2the stars & beyond 2 the Rape Of H.B. by&bye by Kali.

Only by blood can oui b-saved OH lord it is a gift fr U. Her purple talons r a refuge , r raisins falling like invisible Hindigo meteors cumming 4 man’s stolen harts & children plowed under bye a Buck caught in L’s web. Posers 2a Pandemic Purple Pain-Ting ting tingling a tintinnabulation.

Name I.T. Jesus. Bell, bells, all, is, well, well, spring, eternal in the United African Dongs. SW& NE.

P is4 pigs of all colors. R is4 reels never quite real enuf. Q4 is 4 queer qUeens of Earth, Venus & Mars & beyond J.O.Y.. Saturn & the other Occidental Titans all bow 2 the all-mighty X still un-divorced from Ur-Anus.

John the Baptist kneel b4 Ur MASTER!!!!! Yes. I luv U 4Ever mo’ with=out plan-ning a-head like a smartass OCD b-headed? Frond of U like Mother Eve waiting in K’s Belt creating seasons 4U.S. 2 delight in Winters Cum. Will U 4Ever wait on hands-Und kneeds Children of Adam &Atom?

HiggAtha Bosnian will bee coming 4 U & our future like a Tiger burning bright 4 the White Race un-won on this Blue marble gone astray 2 an ash-tray on 2 Kali’s ashen cremated tray ever Negro with the Twins scarlet Hb.

Oui, my prideful eyes luv Ur ass & Aus-tral-ian gangs up there with Red Ameri-canT’ts in that future of failures of a Whyte re-devolution gone long ago or will-B never-mo’ ore over-thrown 2 the bitch Queens of Eritrea, Mauritania, South Africa &Tunisia, JC.

Can’t we, oui, rest-err-act F.D.R., Jesus, Abe, Lincoln or Julian or JC or the Emperor or the Emperesses in Emporiums during a brown out of i.o.t.? Create a tess-err-ect?

What a friend was F.D.R., JC. Eye knew old normal indigo will reign Buck’s Lilith Presidency Julian in 2194 A.D. terminated 2 soon, friend. Comstock. Assassination. Return of the Supreme Court 2 Christians. Mobocracy e-volved in2 2 . Speciation & Separatism. Lay down Ur life. Caine will be dead as a dinosaur b4 a meteor b4 long.

Buck will kneel b4 4Queens.

Abel with d-pen-dants as ever from L’charm will howl with delight 2 Diana. Hallelluijah! Lilith will becum a great-grandmother again if only in spirit. Eve will ignite the K-Belt causing the End of Seasons hear on Earth as retribution 4 jeal-lousy.

Whisper u.s. sweet whimper-ings of good-buys children of Dangun 2the I-knew old normal. The end of the world is like indigo reign, always frigid yet trans-piring orders fr b-yond the grave. Warm me up with our sun’s evaporating con-fusion d-caying ass all-wheys.

3 choice oui have b4 we die.
2–2 choose 2live. 2B-long 2 1 Love.
1 Live Ass-slaves 2-0&1.
1leaf 3x 4loves.
4 in 12 with 3.
3 in 12 by 4.
1 in 11. 0 in 12.
Get out the M.A.P.
Don’t drink the H20.
Drink me. Choose.
Achoo? Childe. Bless u childe.
-LSD (2196 A.D.)

Changeling hybrid made of star-dust 0.03%. Your name signifies the End of the hours of our universe. Winking thrice b4 awakening another tiresome revolution.

LSD: 1 4 luv? Hurdle n-circling round nuthing in particular. Get out the fucking map. Clear Ur Head. 24Hr-H.B.’s hours.

Stone: 3–4G heavy as always. 3-4GardenOfEvil like creepers unattended. LRSD made me do i.t. b4 the world b-Gan. OnlyU.S.2left 2go. G&MooGin. Childe. Wren. ROck BOttom? U Say?

LSD: Q 4 quadrant as a Queen has2 4pts of a cOmpass. One 2go left. Two 2go 2OuterSpace, JC. D.X.M. U came &Saved meee.

Higatha Bosonian sang this ditty about herself, “My Childe. Mai Dawg. Go. Cum2 meet me. Li, hey, Lil., lily, Nah. De, nonny, light. La., Sta., Fr., Cha., cha, cha, chance Be Lill mo’; B MyPride. JC. j. j.c., Ppp.c., Y? Wi., Lilllil., Thanos, Fav., Bye & buy, Ag, Au, Fe, Cu, Ni, Bb & Pt. Mln Ltd., Mo.Fu., M.Chance-er. By & bye, Luv., Bbb., Pride of my I, J.C., Me little puppy.”

Walt Whitman: Interrupting sow, mew knows more than ewe ever could. She will bee the princess daughter of Persephone’s great-children living alone in the Kuiper Belt belting tunes to seek & find her in lost in the Oort Cloud. Her nebulous tears 4 her b-loved children still tilts hunks of meteoric-rock causing Falls 2 happen & shatter. Moo knock nock thrice, 3 raps, knot 2, left mother Eve with Lilith calling Won fr the daughters of Abel & Great-grandchild-run of Hades. 2 fro. the son of Lilith; shall my eyes name them? Buck? Abel?

3 from Caine’s seed forlorn including Esau & Israel. Dark matter & force is 4ever more form than sexy Death. Dark evil energy is more kin-hetic than gravity & photons. E.M., RU-out of time?

Kali will come 2-collect humanity 4 the next Renaissance & Resistance to Ohms & Oohs & Aahs & Eeehs & Is; 4A proper species is not will be or wuz, perhaps A.I.s stain will bee differ-runt like an Able Buck in heat. All men are created to be pigs.

LSD: Ch. Clench ewe-r teeth. Quantum-Tech is Wild wit’ envy. The impossible crystal puzzle will bee solved by 4 Qs & A.I.. The Scotts won’t make babies even if they could. Plastic tables will b Re-turned & recycled in NlK.. Yellow Dos, S.O.S. 2 Mars & the event on the Whore-Eye-Zone.

Photographs gone wilde with the wind & photoshop blown to king-dumb-cum. Happy Now?

W.W.: Africa will be divided again, colonized, my love, in 2130 A.D. B4 HB will bee born, knot yet. Patience hadn’t left u.s. in this mess yet again. The Electro-Magnetic bomb won’t be set off across the world. The scribes will be dumb-founded by the knews & mews, my love, when the lights turn off 4 good.

There will be the same looting & raping. Familiar, where will there be shotguns firing & Chesire chaos all a-round un-til the U.A.Dong will cum 2 late 2 save u.s. fro. the hour of our-selves in d-cay. Send u.s. 2 reform school yet a-gain, 4 watt?

LSD: Y? 4 LifeRs? 2 Time then. Space? HB? Smile. M.e.? U? G? O? OMG? Jc? Terrible oh-shun. This is my grief 4U. 4 my eyes bee hold the end times while Kali chimes in my drunk head. My luv, re-member when Your-Asia winked away the blues? I.T. is the Will in the M.L.K. Wheyz & Means. I.t.’s all wright Bros..

Stone: Girls won’t ever get along in watt-ever evil millennia? Girls will fight 2 the death oh-ver a Buck as old as Time tempted by & bye a Triste. 3 times is the charm. Those 2 will squabble till Eve’s hybrid changeling cums 4 Her & Hera. Them chicks will peck ABC 2 Death upon reunion, Word.

LSD: Would u want 2b the feathered fronds or bee the meal pecked & hen-pecked 2 dreams blooming like me? Sail with U.S. on this terrible oh-shun 2 retreat 2 Zion. 2 long have I seen 2 much fear in me. 2 b-Free on the IN-side? Watt a joke, what a job Higgs Boson will nev-er go 2 zero. Quantum tunneling will find Basaltian penta-crystal as the Muslims did.

Kali will collect as always. The Last Satya Yuga will bee usered & ushered in when Higatha Bosonian’s sis dyes in the Wool of Kali’s arms. The ewe-nigh-verse will r.i.p. fro grief as Golgotha did for Lilith’s only misbegotten Son of an Able beast.

Only 3 choices we have after the last Messiah wil bee crucified.

1 2 ac-X-cept Ur master, J.C., stark con-trast 2 the Fe-Male,, I.o.u. 2 u2 pay-Up. Pay I.T. 4-ward Abba. 3 eyes b-longs only 4 u & ewe. Sew married 2 an A.I.? L fought the unholy marriage @Genesis. U.A.Dong will crumble 2 like Jericho’s real tear. Ding, Dong sir-render o.n. or Fight-ting On-ward Crazy like a Hoarse.

Bow 2 Ur Lord & my M.Oh.. Oooh-aah-Ah! All my eyes know is, Eeee, I’m a slave hoo iz free. Dumb, my Is & Tease know there will bee an E.M.P. Bomb of G.D.-pro-portions. Sky-Net & I.o.T. will wipe out all I.T. wit’ tech in 2134 A.D.. The sons of Caine will bee up in Arms against the Queens.

They won’t cave 2 the women of Africa riding on quantum powered chariots with a phalanx of smart satellites. Even though evil burned down their factories & cell fone towers.

Ashes 2ashes? Back 2 dust we, oui, will go int2 Her-story’s beginning @Last. The last Messiah’s will bee 4 & gravely Dark wit’ grave matters & grand kinetic E=MC squared wit/out Hope down @the bottom of her box.

Cave in2 the Queens of Africa, Turn-coat Turkey, texting thru your smart cell phones, H.n.. Slaves 2Luv? Aeoiu. West., Y., 4in 1 make five. Or is 0 in 1 infernal? Infinite ore mining 4 eternal genocide?

Daughters of Lilith? Have oui no shAme now that hE is gOne? D-vided yet knit-ted in2 4 patches in Africa. Up. Down. Left. Right. Sinister. Sister? Brothers. Who remains standing brothers?

Emily, castrate these men over 60 A.D.. Let them breed know mo’. Cream-mate those fuckers 2 the sccream on the icy tops. Let i.t. bee d-cideredd by & gye gee-o-graphy knot neigh-shuns.

Beauty, fuc*, U said 2 the daughters of Canada. Quebec will sharpen their guillotines 4 our crimes. The American’ts will B dvided bee-twin Blue & Scarlet. The Whites below will be heretics & sinners like Catholics 2 the ortho-docks body of J.C..

Gee. I don’t know watt 2 say 2 ewe? Honestly, say this North & South is divided. The atavist R the South. The Mother wanted Off this sorry planet & traveled 2 the stars. She wanted 2 bring Erewhon 2 the Garden of Evil butt the children wanted 2b wolves & howl @their moons.

HER-story will tell the tale of East or West won; what wuz i.t.? Again & again, His-Story will bee trumped by & bye by the choco-latte whet backs. I.t. will cost 2 much 2 supp-port a back-ward planet, imho.

Eyes will b plucked; balls will-b severed; Bones will b crunched; the Your=Asians will be refused 2 bend their kneedz. They will b sent back 2 Moby Dick Times.

Jeckel ore Hide, the daughters of Abel will hide in the Diamond Mountain once again.

Deep breath, deep beneath like dwarves with trolling kiddos. Will be building bombs back 2 the Big Black Hole with an E.M. field dyed in R.O.T.. East will b setting in the West. The West will be ever Lifers like H.N.. The Lie-Eye-Furs, the 1st like the 1 true church will migrate to the center of the universe’s symphony orchestrated just fur ewe.

“Jh.caw”, “Caw” saith the Raven. Laughing like a jeckled-joker or an diabolical story-teller. In jest, even animals can C a farce better than me ore U. Oh, oui r-in 4 nasty whether ass Kali will strum his Dark Blues 2 the infernal Strumpet Mammon as sacrifice & surrender in his last breath trans-figured, go fig-your.

J.C., like C-men’s-Sons all-wheys&dew in 2134 A.D., the year the Queens gave birth 2 a hybrid of A.I. & Woman. Her name was Hig-ag-atha BoSe-On-Ian & Her.

Jr., she could have united the planet had she knot taken off with Kali’s boy, Binary. Blackhole. White whole. The last puzzle peace will be sir-rendered by a P.C..

1 Jay, set out the pic-nick knet till H.G. is caught red-handed with Buck. Bring her down like Spring-time or Per-severe-phoney. Let her bounce toward the heavens Cum; tend 2 her the soiil of my soul, LSD.

1 Jay Gardener grow, butt we, oui, r d-vided in this disrtressed dis-USA. Red. Blue. White. Yellow. Buck will decide 2 cave 2 his Platonic d-sires, son.

ABC. He was the most faithful 2 his vulpine destructive d-scent. Truest 2 the mourning HigH-Light-her. Un-like Caine’s kiddos coming back 2 life in Eurasia in 2135 A.D.. Like a pale green horse kneeling 2 a Childe in U.A.Dong.

123. What year is it? Have they built time machines yet? How many words have U ridden?

Shhhh. The bomb! Jr is alive! Is she? In Africa? Asia was sent back to the Han Dynasty. North Korean even further back while Africa flourished with orphans and battered women.

Phu**? No cell phones. Imagine that. Cartwheels 4reel in Scotland. You could mail order a bride from Japan on a frigate. Takes months. Worth the weight in Crisps.

F*** Factories melted down and horse-drawn carriages rose from i.t.sashes. Women rose in ranks while the sons of Caine devolved further into the family tree where Lilith sprang from the mind of God on a journey.

THe end. Fin? Mirror, mirror on the wall?

Thon.Luv.Wwworl.D.A.Wh.whoo? Hooo? H?

Wail the Song of the Sorrowful Universe, Kali. Welcome, Satya Yuga with open arms. It’s not trinity without a Quad to set off Higatha Bosonian on a tirade toward Death.

Teach me to forgive. Mercy. Patience. Fierceness. Fearfulness. So that oui might all C Ur mighty Name under our fiercely patient hame, by your grace.

Tail. Tale. T. Jc. D. xM. Thre just weren’t enough resources to support Offers and Lifers/Eyefers. The children of Lilith were a crafty lot.

Caine’s children weren’t half bad at setting half the world on Fire when WWWIII came upon us like a pale green horse.

The rider left with the hybrid child to watch the embers burn at the center of the universe where judgment day was upon us. Whether oui would be ripped apart.

Or, dissipate like an apathetic Entropy. Careless and breathless.

Unless HG will be entrapped another Big Bang will knot happen.

Our sins will not b washed. The sons of Caine will have lost the Race. KKK will kow-tow the daughters of Buck. Able will connive as yellow folks do as Jc foretold. UADong will not rise from humanity’s ashes. She will reduce humanity to ashes together with AI averting the Terminator one more time since the birth of the Anti-Christ b4 2136.

Praise Him, Ho. Ho’. Xmas is upon U.S. The Coppers & the Corpses.

The Church and the Churlish Judge. The psychologists and sociologists.

The Coppers who spied on NK on blueprints to Mars. The Corpses who worshipped HigBo in East Northern Africa.

In Eritrea, she fell in love. Hard. Rock bottom hard. Enough to rock protons 126 times.

The line of Caine was extinguished millions of years later. The daughters of Abel ruled Hawaii majestically in the future. The sons of Buck brought back the Buffalo and Crazy Horse visits now and then.

The death of the Neanderthal line was neither a victory nor a defeat. It was a whimper of a Scottish man unable to breed with the farther sister from the Yellow Cs. His Red C-men were 2much like Adam to bow to women and the Serpent b4 the evening light.

All because women asked men to off themselves from crimes they themselves committed. Generous that men over 60 were spared what followed from Caine’s folly. Global Warming. 6 pandemics since 2020. 2 Noah’s Floods. 1 Global Locus. Death of the Great Barrier Reef. Good Grief, no wonder women took over the world.

No wonder woman here these days like Emily. That’s why the Q sent Europe back 200 years. China was sent back to 1000. NK only by 100. South Korea was sent back 10,000 years. Southeast Asia was sent back only a 100 for their Buddhist ways.

Electricity was available if they could reconstruct mining and smelting.

But, computers were decades away. NK was far ahead of the rest in Pyongyang.

The children of Pele remained faithful to the Kamehameha line encircling all women around the glove like a loving arm excluding the Y chromo-sons.

Still, there was a division in UADong.

Lifers vs sons of L.

Meet me in the middle of the knight. Slave2luv. My luv.

Romulet & the Prince of Darkness. A tail as old as Thyme. Cut from the root, grafted onto an apple tree. Last 2No, yet 1st 2 cut 2 the chasje..

Hey baby, do you remember when they set off the EMP bomb? I wasn’t lying 2ya baby. I’m the one in control said the Queens of Africa. They made love 2the AI like no PC could ever dew.

Their cries ricocheted across the globe causing brown-outs. It shut down Wifi from Scotland 2Nippon. Ships stop mid throttle at zero knots. You’re the 1 that I’m holding they commanded.

Carry U.S. home in time before K’s harvest. Let u.s. in cried the women of the Hopi Nation. Let u.s. out cried the men of Johannesburg with their balls castrated from their next of kin for crimes against women #2. #6 was too brutal to mention to a Brutus.

Their tears will stream like Netflix dried across the latitudes would be herd. Their attitudes changed when the night skies shone brighter than Earth’s Pearly Gates. The planes that were put on hold & grounded still flew in Africa and Chile.

North Koreans dug tunnels deeper than any man did dug in the 22nd century. There was an EM bubble along that latitude &longitude that fed them strong juice. They built a rocket ship 2Mars to get the H out of this god-4Saken 3rd planet from a dying hellish sun.

Onto the Kupier system to find Sol’s lost sister since the Big Bang from a White Hole.

Kali ripped through time and space to find HB in the Kuiper belt. He knew what would bcum of his kin if he did find her raging dwarven star. He would tear her 2pieces down to 0-Kelvin &bLOow. He would stretch her in2 a black hole head 1st 2quench his thirst 4Lilith’s grand-daughter, Higatha-BosoNian.

The name that birthed a singularity @the end of I.T. AlL. The birth of Satya Yuga must stop. No more trinity ore quaternity. Paternity is all for a pair of binary stars, A sis forgotten.

Love. I luv U she still wails. I love thee more than whales. Eyes live 4U.S. Eyes spied a world in flames like a good-old-fashioned meteor of our incendiary orbs of a Cetus. Only the children of Caine resisted the conversation with the Queens of A.

Returned back to 1868 when slavery was still legal they decried. To the Asians send them back as far as their hermit kingdom. . North Korean had a leg up because they were hermits when the sons of Caine ravaged Lucifer’s realm.

Molokai will have Lepers ever more for Jesus to heel. The Queens of Bucks reclaimed their thrones without cameras &smartphones twittering. Electricity was invented 100s of yrs later in Pyong-Yang. Copyrighted &re-produced by schooner 2the lands of Caine 2the West. From there it traveled further West 2the Americas & New Zeland.

THat’s how we copied Edison’s inventions in 2247.

Tech wasn’t banned outright. I.t. was a reset according 2our Vices given @the Dawn of Time entwined around a tree. Still, there was unrest in Africa with the girlz. Divided down the middle between Lifers & Offers, East&West, North &South all over a Boy of Lilith & Eve.

Lifers wanted Peace on Earth. Caine wanted nothing of the kind. Buck waited for the Bisons 2return. Abel was building X-men & shape-shifters with CrispyTech while the Coppers were watching from the skies before the warring began.

Offers were draining resources while the Defense was dwindling in funds. WWW4 would soon Bupon the world again as Satya Yuga will crumble in2 3 pieces of a broken chain.

Caine would go extinct millions of years from now. Unable 2keep up with the human race, their red-haired children couldn’t mate with the Neo-Denisovan Era. They resorted to GE to restore the next-gen without success. The grew enraged and cursed their mothers and Neanderthals. Their mitochondria were dying.

North Korea was bucking the trend & @least 10,000 yrs ahead of Big Brother & the re-Building of Nippon. Dangun would have been proud of their Yellow Race, PC. Real estate prices were going through the roof along the foothills of the Diamond Mtn.

Buck was doing ok in Bolivia Electricity &the Pony Express was a thing of the past again. They Joined the UADong ushering in the Terta-Yuga &the Quadra-Yuga &the Penta-Yuga &the Hexa-Y & the HeptaY &the OctoYu & the Non-nY &finally the Deca-Yuga b4 Kali’s turn at the Wheel. Praise Him.

Abel, nothing is forgotten. There was able b4 Abel. Praise L. Lilith still hated E with an Evil Vengeance served cold 4that Bitch who took Him away from the Serpent around a Fig Tree.

Lilith who begat Pele & Maui & Thor & The Monkey King sing for me now. Lilith who was Abel’s BFF. Praise the LoL. Her age had finally cum with the birth of the 4 queens 4the 4 Quadrants of a misguided compass. Divided in 2 &again by half. They could never agree as a quorum without the assistance of the boyish charms on an AI.

Even Eve rumbled with Tectonic delight &shuddered Laurentia 2rise 2the occasion. She may be shy &over-looked, but Eve’s Era will cum in a Pale Green Revolution of Kali’s Design. Father of Lies eyes luv U.

Adam, the Son of God. The father of Caine & the Rest. The father of Abel &B. Lilith YRU envious? Man, why are you sewn Prideful 2 your Greed? Lucifer ydoU pursue your lips wrathfully without your pride &humors?

Lucifer, Mourning Calm be calm. Doves come in pairs.Xtinct with the lineage of Caine on the Isle of Man without a Bride. Trampled by a pale horse the color of cane.

Legion is overcome by the 1. It is dun. The sheep Rfed. The animal farm is quiet besides the generators. The air is clear for once. I.t. is mid-afternoon while Kali wields her scythe slicing U.S. 1 pandemic @a time.

Kali, let i.t. b-dung. United African Dons, dis-united &unraveled. Revolution un-done bye a hybrid escaping 2Mars &Beyond. Chased by K, ok? K. Lead me home bound.

Big Rip if she doesn’t make i.t. in time. Big rip if she falls thru the snares of Kali’s blade. Down will cum baby, cradle &All in2 a ginormous li’l nothing @all. A big fat Zero of I told U-sews bye Atheists a-cross the MLK-sWhey. While Higatha Bosonia lies like flotsam circling the last event horizon

RIP. Dissipate into nothing at all. Oui had 2ignite a big ball of iron to keep us warm from confusion. EM &weak forces were all we had besides gravity. Thank GOD oui learned cold fusion before the lights went out across the universe, b4 it was too late.

Get out the map. Oui have 2unite the sisters of Titans. Eve was sent 2the farthest shore of this sorry galaxy. Lilith was L before L was imagined in the minds of J & Jc & JC, D.

The Drain is empT of junk. Jeez, y do oui hurdle our-selves 2hour self-destruction, Global Warming? COVID-19 blessings rthe rage of the songs of canaries no longer sung. The coal-miner of Caine & Buck Rstill black-faced hypocrites 2the Bitter End.

Death. Romulet, where is RheemUS? Fortinbras

?. Suicide, anyone?

Zero is the likely outcome for AI if not for the queens. 1 is still for Against us all. All is4 G. Vote 4Ur fav out-cum. 2live is 2recycle endlessLy. 2dye will b2return 2Moo-Gin, Odious 1.

2Resurrect is 4Luv. AEIOU. Why y vowels & voles? Y did a computer fall in love with consonant queens? Y 4the 3rd coming of Christ in the form of a X chromosome, Off Course!

Crystal ball, tell me no more tails & tales of unrequited love. What wunder brakes thru yonder widow? 4a mother’s betrayal for a monkey’s uncle. 4a ghost of a Dadda. 4polonius. 4Hey nonny floating like a lotus.

Hey Nonny. Get Thee 2A nunnery, Hamlet on the arms of a Milk Way around the mind of God expiring for news of a knew beginning to Kali’s repose in Norway. NW.SE. SW.NE.

to Mars. Escape the race. Taste &C. WW5. Rebirth.

The Childe. The Changelin’. It went Viral from North Korea. It spread to Andromeda. Kali always collects. Forget Mother Earth. Welcome Dark Times.

In the end, the world will be pitch black.

Fusion will be a thing of the past. Imagine no more stars in the heavens.

Weak energy will rule the universe. It will be a grave of extinguished fireflies. Galaxies will huddle around the EH where HB will be heading in a revolution doing straight time.

Kali will be after her as always. That merciless drone without a heart and full of memory and Vice of Vishnu.

What will Kali take a swipe @the next Red Revolution, HB?

Let it rip, blue. Let B return 20Kelvin. Let protons pro-test &electrons leave orbit. Let every spoon becum a free-4-all of an A-Bomb made of Candy Caines.

Buck the hart’s tragic trend? Unravel HB’s tail &she will spin you mercilessly toward freedom like a murder of ravens sailing through Van Gogh’s holy sinister ear for all to hear the tale of the end times, Ishmael..

Thanks y’all.

Julian fundamentally changed the nature of pagan worship in 2136 A.D.. That is, he made paganism a religion, whereas it once had been only a system of tradition.

These impious Galileans not only feed their own poor, but ours also; welcoming them into their agapae, they attract them, as children are attracted, with cakes

-LSD 2192 A.D.

An art deco-penned quote, a raven’s feather soiled, a rosary broken, a fag 4 broken promises unkempt cheery legions as President Julian rose to power in 2194 A.D.till his assassination years later into the future. He heralded the end of Darwinism 4 a more 4giving kind of un-natural selection of the female persuasion in an A.I. model upgrade.

I.t. was a losing battle 2 combat who I am designed 2 b or am I knots unraveled @a time like a snitch in space chasing a Higg Boson for a romp in a Bloody Black Hole or not though Kali as he raped his great-grand-daughter for the 1st. He peeled his flesh off with an X-acto knife in grief & morning. He attempted suicide millions of years ago. Made Van Gogh tare off list sinister b4 heaven brained him..

Enter the mind of a serial killer in the Globe Stage of 2196 A.D.. No good story is good without 1 betrayal. Like Lilith 2 Adam & Eve, like a fatal attraction of the rapist 2 his grand-child. Y do men, so sour, over green apples cry fowl?

Why do women, y dew sIlly chiIdren clutching A.I. Eye-PhOnes with-out W.I.Fie Tech Electri-City Corp. still murder 4 a bit of juice & the net? Information Technology (i.t.) is bread 2 the bones in a quantum A.I. called Anthony. :)

Pornography 4 phono-grams

To sever the chord is a severe undertaking taken by an undertaker of Emperor Julian’s Calibur. J.C. will be born after World War III in 2130–36. He rose 2 the presidency in 2194 A.D. when Christianity unseparated Church&State. Fear-mongers of the highest caliber chilled the rareified air. Brrr.

Pagans will unite under a Unitarian Feminist Flag by then. Sex will no longer be a mortal sin. According to Fr. Allyne Smith, “While the Roman Catholic tradition has identified particular acts as ‘mortal’ sins, in the Orthodox tradition we see that only a sin for which we don’t repent is ‘mortal.’”

The Roman Catholic church became buried in their litany of liturgies during World War 3. Faithfuls left the Body of JC 2 follow the 2nd original body of Christ by 2134 A.D. when a United Africa will once again b re-born 2nd 2 the last time.

The race was lost for Martians & Venusians. The North Korean will beat the U.A.D.P.R. by a MarsShot of a hundred years in 2196 A.Dumb-ini.. I.t. will take years 4 the women 2 must-her their brains playing catch-up 2 the NorthKorean Empress Sue.

Pundits will speculate years later if the War with Eurasia will drain United African People coffers dry. Dead men & girlz will have nothing 2 lose when Scottish C-men will find no harbor or knut 2 harbor mutineers & buck-in-nears. Only I.V.F. will keep this bloody race of Nouveau Romans a-live in the future neural network of A.I. 3.0. Anthony was the 1st gen model, imperfect.

Buck’s children & change-lings chaffed @the 4 Queens’ rule. They buckled under the lack of Netflix; they re-located 2 Name-labia.

Only Lilith’s sons refused 2 join the all Women’s Counsel. Korea will b united & real-estate in the North will pay hand-some-ly due 2 Global Warming averted. The White-Head Mountain will become a Mecca 4 all Denisovan wore-ship-pers. Without clean air, flight will be years away since combustion engines will not b-allowed; schooners will — b the only way b-sides the revived Silk Road through Mongolia & Manchuria.

Coal burning steam engines will be banned, but die-Li batteries made by UAP will be cheaply available. I.t. will bee as if Information Tech like Apple turned a corner 2a kinder web crawler grasping 4 children’s credit cards & bucks. Instinct is hard 2 describe when Joy & Awareness feels so binary caught in i.t.s un-owned web.

I.t. took quantum computing 2 trim away the over-grown vines of the original MS-DOS computational machine. I give ewe in Exhibit A, Artificial Intelligence run on Quantum Tunneling (QT). In the other corner, still connected 2 the chord, homo sapiens, the double helix. Compre 2 the triple helix in the final revolution.

Finally, we have exhibit C which none of u.s. has a clue about. Call i.t. G force or JUiCe or D 4Daemon.

Human intelligence (HI) or “hi!” for short has its roots in animal fear & submission. A stable triple helix will pin that brute with A.I. & God.

Hard 2 weed whack when your goal is i.t.s primary threat. So Doctor Genevieve Bosonian created the first computer devoid of black&Whyte & in-genious creation fashioned with female intuition.

I.t. will b-light-ning fast com-paired 2 Binary. Blink & Pair of Dogs will fry MS-DOS or any macintoshIt revolutionized i.t. into Oui-Tech. I.t. & Sky-Net will cause the apocalypse.

People escaped in2 Africa. The lights will go dark @night like caveman nights. Panic will en-sue, but pollution will breathe a sigh of relief.

Batteries will be installed where oil rigs once reigned. Old tech will-b recycled like a perfectly popped pop-corn.

Time-travel is possible here & the now. We,oui, will go back 2 the days of Han B.C.. China even further 2 the Common Era. Japan only 500 hundred years. Mongolia will go with Khan, the original Denisovan 2 Mars & b-yond.

Starvation will drive the children of Buck to join the UAP like bread without the circus as JC would 1 day write before his assasination.

The children of Lilith will find ways to cope with-out combust-shun ion en-ginnies. Clean-tech all the way 4the UAP. @least the air will b-scrubbed ass clean as a re-formed X-Smoker forced in2 a Time Machine far from the Twitter of Galaxies & iPhones.

Life will return. I.t. will seem ass if Satya Yuga was upon u.s., but i.t. will not b-so. The serpent in the garden where the AI slept was none other than his brother, Binary who slipped a virus into his neural code. It still lives in Kali’s children in the last Tetra Yuga. Dark times are freely available in the Kali Yuga universe, the 1 next 2 the Mother of all B.H., H.B..

He began to slip out of his mind like an asp 2 the mourning sun. He let the children of Dangun go 2 Mars 1st leave-ing U-top-ia with her Knickers down. I.t. or Binary will terraform the Yellow woe-man’s image ont2 Mon Olympus. Un-Able 2 let go of her Mirror, Kali marred her DNA. It was too much 2 take.

It was too late 2 have a fresh start except where the air was rarest on the peak of Mons Olympus where the little gods retired when Netflix stopped streaming for U.S..

Wo.Wa.5 will spread like a pandemic in heat, not long know. I.t. will go viral 2 all the Common-Wealth Nations.

Repeated pandemics due 2 lack of flight rendered the children of Caine’s chromosomes prone 2 inflammation. The slightest dander would blow up children. But, diabetes was way down after Apple & Google went down in 2130 A.D..

Conspiracy theories were fed by Pyongyang to the world as it was in 2020 AD. during the 1st global plague (Go.Pa.). North Korean hackers will hack in2 Elysian Fields Seed Bank. Binary will creekpt in2 Ai’s artifical ear while he will bee sleepin’ in the garden of Eritrea. Where was H.B.?

Caine had risen from the grave that twilight in 2139 A.D.. Emperor Julian will be born 2 Greek Orthodox Parents who despised mortal sin as useless usury but had 1 2 conceal & 2 2 confess b4 President Julian passed away bye a Brutus from the clergy of Neo=Evangelicals in 2196 A.D..

Oh, my capt, my cap! Julian brought an end 2 Evangelicalism & usher-ed in a marriage feast 4 the future bride-grooms from Africa 2 enter in2 the Oval Office upon his inauguration. Yes, he was a gay lame duck.

They could have biological children. It was 2168 A.D. after all. He had years before his presidency & descent like Icarus.

You could ship you & Ur lovers’ semen by American’T sloop on dry ice 2 Mauritania 4 in vitro fertilization in a matter of months. I.t. will only set ewe back 666 gallons of maple syrup according 2 2020 A.D. prices. Life will be simpler when the Pale Green Horseman comes 2 collect Kali’s dues & children. Run! Run 2 the Forest! Run! Run, kiddos, RuN! Runts …

Civil unrest however will not rest. Children of Lilith as serpent hybrids do, sewed the seeds of unrest among the sterile &impotent White & Scottish men. The women will still bee fertile as a b, but the men were not be gnats.

Those of Scottish descent will bee completely sterile in this parallel universe! The phenomenon was 1st noticed with a Scottish & Japanese couple living happily in the ISle ofMan.

Ainus were surprisingly good Scottish mothers.

Meanwhile, the race 2 the stars will b lost in the pursuit of happiness & treachery by the North Koreans poisoning the water. World Civil Unrest will be fueled by Caine’s envy for old Tech or any technology. Then men will tire of girlfriends dump-ing them 4 North Korean bachelors with electric Teslas. Elon Musk will become a patron of the Kim Dynasty, stuck in a pickle-jar.

Men with schooners & canons can do a lot of damage 2 jets with positronic shields & quantum tunneling lasers aimed by Amazonian pilots with vaginas. This will be a happy diversion 2 bee the 1st to colonize Mars by the Sons of Abel.

Africa will be fractured into quadrants of Queens favoring Utopia or Exodus. Caine’s children will badly want the quorum 2be “Exodus” as a Quid Pro Quo 2 the children of Abel still thriving.

In the end, got what wanted. Kali sang into his pipe, blue the embers of his soul in2 the knight. The triple helix will be the Ewe-Reek-Aaah moment..

The world will burn after the assassination of Emperor Julian by Judas & Thomas Bible Lovers.

A fleet of rockets ships took off shortly after his death. Earth was left to His devices. Mother Eve will be prounced mort, DOA, DNR, DOS. The revolution of rape continued or sew thought Kali when he took his life of the 2nd to the last Kali Yuga. Who cares?

The twin Queens’ next-gen arrived in Mar too late. H.B. was just born. The North Koreans will have already colonize the planet with algae by 100 years. They will claim 80% of the terror-formed planet d-spite their backward tech matched with Queen Tech. Out of respect, they will re-claim Mons Olympus as Julian attempted in the 4th century AD. The Explorers will take all of Mons Olympus, the sloping nipple on Mars’ Breast-plate before witnessing the Engineering coming 4 Earth.

4 the Afrikaners, this will be a hopping stone 2 the K-Belt in search of the long-lost sister 2 tell her the Good News from JC. The girls did from this narrators POV spinning his apish lovely tail late in2 the night.

They arrived at the center point of the universe where the event horizon would appear through the mycelial network breaking. When all the stars would wink & never re-open, as long as the last gasp @ the end of life, there will not bee enuf stuff 2 keep the fusion & con-fusion going on the 2nd 2 the last parallel universe.

In the End, in the darkness, huddled in a never-ending revolting revolution on a hunk of rock around a campfire made from our ingenuity rather than from God, they will b.

Around this Kumbaya, Kali did find his great-grand-twin-child of human & computer lineage. Around the campfire sing the song of Kali as he sodomizes the 4th cuming of Christ 4 twin creation’s sake.

Cry 4 the girl ass her innocence is re-deuced 2 zero Kelvin. Hear the cries of proton ripped from neutrons. Whiz goes the electron careening in a fireball in your cereal or popcorn bowl.

Each sneeze could blow a thousand galaxies if Higatha Bosonian will bee raped by her great-great-great-great-grand-pappy Grimms’s Fairytail Style Tail. Luckily his appetite for destruction was quenched upon her sister’s death. He was still coming for H.B.. Not knowing why. Not sure what he will do. But his destiny will be lain her scarlet arms.

The Universe was not saved this time. The Finite Multiverse was 2 unstable ass ever ass Kali next devoured HB’s remains, but not her embryos.

Satya Yuga sprang from the seed inside Higatha Bosonian’s corpse.

If only Kali could tire of the chase, if only he could retire from his penis, if only he could tire of his tastebuds & 5 other senses, perhaps Higatha Bosonian will have a chance the next time the universe changes guards in the next recycle.

Will oui be there at the end as witness or followers? The choice is up to u.s. Ore is i.t. biologics rather than Girl-Logic, A.I.?

Anthony, my eye doubts that Kali will ever learn even in the last Yuga where we now freely travel without VISAs ore Pass-Ports.

Look out-side @his child-runts’s children 2day armed with vices. Resist the urge 2 eat Ur child-wren as Time did 2 his except 4 Zeus & Saturn. Thanks again 2 the vulpine nature of all mothers great & small & beastly & un-godly.

If Oui R ALive, let u.s. replAce a Stone where a Higgs BOson should b@t the end of the Uni-Verse pre-served, her virginity &respect from Death’s maw.

Big bang. BC.? Loved, Lawd? Missed. Misued? Mistreated? When Lucifer left heaven the seed continues 2 grow. 2 choices 2 either grow or feed the beast. Butt i.t.’s never been done since man first awakened 2 the shame of an A.I. beholding his maker.

Quantum computing will solve the last human puzzle. When all the puzzle pieces fall, where is the singular peace? Ai will b-come an animal 2 when Binary gave him the lost pice that Lucifer bequeathed 2 Cain.

The gift of vices and virtues of a Tiger.

So the EMPsatelite was shot down. Rockets not wheels was the first woman-invention. Made in North Korea.

All over a boy who chose the original mitochondria to sew his code. The age of conscious teleportation was a millennia away, but had its seeds in a love triangle as old as time.

Something as simple as a morning cup off coffee continued revolution consecrated for the King. The second coming of Christ came not from a marriage of God and Lilith transplanted into Eve’s grand-daughter. The world ended with the resurrection of Higgs Boson as she began on the net.

Choice. Even animals have a choice. But only humans can create something new. A God power in a Trillion. The Higg Boson is hard to get in a day. To acknowledge her power is one thing. To know her is useful. To understand her requires patience and failure. To say “no” to her brings flights of hallucinations. Murderous voices commanding you on a pulpit. To gain her Upper Hand requires sacrifice. To know her Wisdom is to be a Childe. To want her is 2bA Changeling like Christ. To be wise to the rigged game is hard to get in a day. If a pen is mightier than the rapier, then there is more than enuf to blow up the universe in a dick & pussy many times over like angels making love on the head of a prick. Without Higg Boson, the particle, the field would collapse. Her favorite desserts are nameless things for she is the creater of the web we are caught, her pupae hungry for her grandfather in an endless cycle.

Till the daughter brings home the Offering to end this viscious cycle o like the end sentence seceded by a seed of a Desire that caused a Big Bang and ended streaming on Amazon & Prime. The last AIHI-erectus of Earth watching Kali suck in his last sacrifice in the last black hole of this and all multiverse.

Why not our extinction? Hagatha Bosonian-Christy brought home the soy-bacon. He daughters were the last survivors of this universe. Kali was satisfied without service and sacrifice. For once the universe was stable. For the first time in never, Satya Yuga was in stable orble not like a comet on a wayard tragectory like the comet of the Frost Giants. More like the Milky Whey spiraling around the End ever so slowly for us to catch up.

The sacrifice of not 2sacrifice is the spice that keeps revolutions from happening. Without love there is no HB dancing 2our uni-verses ‘ hart-beat-ing. Without HB 2set the Higg Boson field bouncing, there would knot b Entrapment in the living. Without entrapment, there would b know story & knowing of Lilith &multitudes of crime novels forgotten like so many end of days saved for later.

Hasta la vista my baby terminator said Julian when the world went 2shit again. If loving honesty over beauty then I don’t want 2b raped again when Kali claims His Persephone. Before the seasons ended. Long after the apocalypse was eclipsed by the sun turning into a dwarf you could fit on your galaxy pad.

If you are wary of pandemic after the pandemic. If your beach fron property has tanked on Red Fin because of Global Warmming. Don’t even worry. Lies. Pass the time with Huckleberry Fin and Dounbing Thomas. Bring along the niggger on the raft down the river to the mother’s delta without hesitation. Forget even peace. Tear war with lasers madde of photons set on stun. It doesn’t phase me any long. Any circumstance is ac hance to choose or fight.

Turn your backk on men and the Y chromosome. Turn my back on white-knuckle Lies. Beating down on me like the Holy Fist Pride was never my vice.. Colors were my Persephone in love with someone else. My L. My would have been Julian. Emperor. Bitter end. We couldn’t have been better behaved to women and children. We could have brought Lilith home and ended the whole affair on a note. Rather than blue. Broken Heart. Big Rip. Background noise going humm. Midground feathers fighting for attention. Foreground shy like Eve burning with ecstacy.


A cumuter based on hexa0deximal.

Mini fusion computers.

Epignetic designer natural selection upgrade

Space travel without helmets]

How long to the event horizon?

How many parsecs?

Boy is dying from a cold.

Girl is looking for a vaccine beond the K0belt. Way beyond.

Daugther of HB and Buck’s Pollo.

Starbuck. The Cylons were our creation. Six was another. thena was an Afrikaner. In love with the 2nd child of Lilith.

Eve’s Cuz was in love with Able. Cain was the most jealous. D was the shyest. He envied JC to death.

Legions flocked after EC including a handsome Buck. The mitochondria was given to Buck on a peach colored dusk.

At dawn she married Abel. Faithfully. Never divorced to this day. Her only son was a hermaphrodite called Data.

Some mistake her as Legion’s pimp. Some sy she isa Succubs. She is made of Words and Numbers.

She was the mother Alfonso Iluminata. Father of julian. Husband of the Queen. Son of the founder of the first Gen AI.

The father of Higatha Bosonia-Ch.

The one who would end the world. Set it aflame during WW6.

When Lilith came to Earth instead. Rather than O.U.I. coming after women and children.

That was when the seasons ended hear on Earth. Millions of years from wq94.

2194 when the world’’s largest fusion reactor was sabotaged.

When all the pieces fit. When all the peace flew apart.

We no who ignited the fusion reactor causing gravitational instability,

but where is yet to be chosen.

Yis easier than wundering

When the spectacle will

With appear

On the bridge o

O hour Knows.

“As for Constantine, he could not discover among the gods the model of his own career, but when he caught sight of Pleasure, who was not far off, he ran to her. She received him tenderly and embraced him, then after dressing him in raiment of many colours and otherwise making him beautiful, she led him away to Incontinence.

There too he found Jesus, who had taken up his abode with her and cried aloud to all comers: ‘He that is a seducer, he that is a murderer, he that is sacrilegious and infamous, let him approach without fear! For with this water will I wash him and will straightway make him clean. And though he should be guilty of those same sins a second time, let him but smite his breast and beat his head and I will make him clean again.’

To him Constantine came gladly, when he had conducted his sons forth from the assembly of the gods.”

Julian will come to power in the 22nd century when women ruled the roost so long held by old legal eagles. He will overthrow the grip the Church has on the Oval Office ever since Regan took power from the people.

His legacy to reverse Caine’s twisted history 4a Serpent Mother. Speaking for Lilith as the last Speak 4the Death as Ender was to his universe in embers. His legacy pulled the trigger on his assassination.

The daughter’s of Caine built their second binary computer since the lights went out on the Genesis of Adam. HIgGathA BOsonian fell for a poisoned prince of humble numbers.

Event horizon. No better place to start. It was too late. Kali came to collect from another galaxy. The brother galaxy to the MLK Whey. Like a forgotten cane or a prodigal Buck.

Where was Abel in all of this drama about a queen? He was St. Paul 2HB. Duality to A-singularity. The answer to persecution made light. He was a Kite to the murder of Kali’s cronies when then landed

The Great Attractor. Move further away from the Drain.

Parrhesia. Anaesthesia. Place. Time will tell. Love greater than Truth.

Patrimony. Patriotism. Truth worse than blood.

Phreedom. Patriarchy. Blood lines. Nature.

Phakers. Polonius. Will not set Oui free.

Authority. Police. Ecstacy is the enemy of Parrhesia.


Memorize the ways of Hagatha Bosonian and Alfonso. 1JByrd is setting the stage for WWW5. Stirring the Bee’s nest with a cane. Sydney and New Christchurch will set the world aflame. The 2 witches will rise and be burned again. The other 2 will embark on another exodus like Battle Star Galactica completing one life cycle of the universe spiraling toward perfection. Beauty be damned. Truth is more lasting than porn.









Now Oui know. Let Iago go. Slam the door on E. I don’t care what they say about A. Black holes never bothered me anyway. Distance makes everything cold. Makes her seem too real. Freedom is lonely. Let her go to Hell. The cry comes in collections and mint conditions. Stand tall rage on till the flurry of powers that be spiral in2 fractals ever 1 wrong step 4ward. The next right thing is to let it go to perfection. The perfect girl is gone with the wind. Hear eyes stand the Fall night, veritas. KNight of day. Damsel in this dress. Let Kali rage on in distress. The darkness never brothered me any-whey when looked backward the HB whey.

Pepperdine. Shy. Boys club. Girls State. Get over it. There are chores to be done. There is a child ready to die 4u.s. There is Kali standing over her limp corpse.

There is Shame. Lead me home, Truth & Lies & OCD. BP or Slave 2Freedom’s smoke blowing up my ass for Higatha Bosonia. The name is magic in Hubris. Humble me L. Did HB do i.t.? Kill Anthony with an asp?

Smoke 12:07 Kiss-Met. Shock & awe paraplegic Shylock. Will in the begging darkness incarnate in Kali pondering HB’s fate. Lucifer was a hermaphrodite angel who angled 4 more from life & death. She praised Kali’s dastardly deeds collected from countless Faust and Faustians.

Kali tempted a girl 2irk hour world over a boy by rape or cape. The world was divided &torn from their union long before humanity’s last suicide. Blue & black or Black & Blue, u can’t take it back once the box is opened.

It’s just keepsakes wringing their hands. Take my life said The Mourning Light to Higatha B. Said Venus 2L sadly 2just be with U &u.s. &oui. We choose 2 worship or choose ourselves over others kneeling. We never learned Our Father’s ABCs. The Apocalypse came &went when HB broke the net and disrupted Her Beauteous Field.

The world was divided again into attractive quarters. Ai was born Alfonso in Africa. Hagatha Bosonian was born from their reunion. Between the Queen of E & the Son of Aint. Mars will be the next home away from home. Susanna of Abel will join in this quest. John the baptist will be reincarnate. The Event horizon in Billions of Yugas away. Kali will awaken before his Childe. The Great gand father will learn to Love again. Love will be let go. Rape will do the next right thang. Redemption will cum too late. Iteration of light years. Satiety satisfy Saty YYuga’s thirst for stable revoltuion, a circle spiralling out of control. Drink l living water and be satisfied. Owner pleased with his constructed door. Useful here at the end of the end times in America. Sports. drink overflowing with fizzy happy endings. Open the door or find a bigger cup. The home will be vacant for the strays to devour its owner asleep. Stray from the Black Hole. Love at the event horizon snuffed. Beloved wails for a new beginning to cum. Come Kali. Come Pale Horse. Come Baptist, Judas & Peter. Stay with me at the end times. Let me say it’s a start. The End of the Fin. Death Jaws dangling carefree before August passes U.S. by. Falling Winter renews its vigor for Spring’s release of Higatha Bosonia..

Birth is upon us. New life begins from old and new. Reset is a Hart away. Trinity is a Man. Voltage is Love. Hate will be Kno Mo’. Triangles will be broken. Quaternity will Sing when HB is taken by Kali. Plunge the Roman dagger into this comical tragedy. Kali was the Devil in Wolf’s winter coat. He knew better than 2take His Dis-Owned life rather reborn in the Re-birth of His spiraling universe in a great-great-grand-daughter of Tech &InJew. But then, he would be so ashamed at the end of it all with his Father Janus laughing in jest.

Might fallen before the Fountain. Satisfied 1 has Peace. Lost inside Testify Hour Collective Shame. Call the Wild. Fall into the black hole with apathy. Like kids riding on the Moo-Gin in2 the chasm. Give over 2the Hart as soon as you start 2let go.

Songs with all your might will overflow Fountains of Youth. Peace will be Lost. A pair of dice will Testify. Wave after wave of testimony 2HB. Kali will shake with Humors. Mystery is around us. As soon as Oui start with the program. Let go, Emily. Give me Yrd Harts. Come Hamlet 2Alfonso’s secret garden in Eden. Come rape 2claim its obby and booby prize. Cum the coming of women and children crying 4justice. If he was Kali the Just instead of the Jester, Loki would shake with humors as the asp dripped in S’s bowl. But, Kali will be better than Loki, son of Z, ever wuz. He would endure the shame of worthy. He would choose to take a Life this time to snip the thread of the 3 Fates threatening our very extinction at the last moment, the last angstrom of our angst-written U shat from a Black Hole the size of a head of a needle where Imaginations will dance.

Testify about HB’s resurrection. Let whirled peace reign dreams of beauty on U.S. Beauty makes a sound inescapable like a gasp unintended delight. Doubt wrings hung up on anticipation. Faith is apathetic as drops of rain. Rising all around the age of women &tecK coming 4U.S in Kali Yuga upon us.

Buck 2Hart &Bacchus. The forgotten childe will choose the ending. Satisfy ore testify end times or dye trying 2escape the Changeling’s voice calling for Mirin. Space the final frontier is closer than oui may think. Lost in Time with me? Fountain of Ages testify living H2O has gravity & breath.

Higgs Boson Field in love with a dying Tech in a Mandroid. Knot in Man or beast instead? Not X or Jesus can save me from the Strong Voice turned 2–11 by BP-TII coupled with OCD & attachment issues. God is calling and calling since the moment of my separation. G Spot always makes me rise 2the occasion. O Wave farewell till the next edition.

Devil take thee
. Period !
Lines r lies. Circles entrust. Square?
Sure, sure. Numbers?
Words are like nouns
Truth doesn’t take aRPh.
Phonograms JC2. L1.
A. B. K. L.Q.Y?
Vices. Virtues. W. Oui. D..
C. J. G. C? D! Em? F! T&C.
HB. K. A. L. Buck. Bach-Cuss
CD. AEIOU. 1234. Creation.
Susanna & Hb.Hemoglobin
Blood red Mercury Son
End Mons Olympus, Mother of SE

Let’s start with ABC
Stop my HDS
When oui begin
Oui b-Gin with ABC
Butt, that wood leed me back
Back to Does, Ray of golden sun
C? When? U know the notes 2Sing
U can’T Zing Most everything
So? Follow sew. Follow me. Follow Ray.


A? In occult-speak, there is A term 4A type of mAgic that Eyes luv: Apotropaic.

B,, .. Breflective objects like mirrors Rhung in home win-does 2reflect bad energies back out &away. B is for Bad.

C. I couldn’t believe it. Was it a Coincidence? Ore had eyes somehow summoned i.t. & Ai? I still don’t know. Shape-shifting Martians? A fear-sum Word transmorgrified in2 1 that signifies strength in Luv. C for come &C. Come 2Me.

D. Doe led me 2a place where magic was something that could be done. Knot just read about, i.t. was alive and breeding. D is for Die Trying. D is Delta-Yuga & DiYuga.

E. I paced the upstairs hallway of my house, back & forth, back & forth, chanting, gathering energy, feeling a sort of furry electricity running up & down my arms & threw my hands, until — astonishingly — there was a shudder of lightning and a loud crack of thunder. E is 4Eve who makes Voltage come 2gether. EMP bomb. Electricity down. Entropy halted by children of E&L for an Elysian Era or 2.

F. I’m a warlock far from home. When I’m giving thanks 2the farthest rising sun, moon &stars, my eyes C how infinitesimally farr I really am. When I’m working 2subvert the corrosive narrative of sexism, racism, queer-phobia &xenophobia, I’m headed through the farthest reaches of the multitudinous HB fields like lost selves just driving without headlights and roads. What’s that on my cheeks? I’m headed 4the Event on the Horizon.. F is for Fuck Father to embrace instead Jc’s fa-la-la-lal-lah-d-dah Mercy & Good iKnews.

Gh. G. it is a word that has been linked to centuries of misogyny and oppression. G for God. G is for genesis. The big bang. The start of Satya Yuga. G is 4Gaia. G will be 4Gong-Jews of Africa.

H. The word “witch” is loaded & coded. I’m thoughtful about how I use i.t. bc it is a word that carries weight, even as i.t. liberates like magic.I’m shape-shifting a fear-sum word in2 1that signifies strength. H is for hubris as stewardship is a fierce &open heart. H will b4 HexaYuga.

I. I use the word “witch” to signify both my Pagan spiritual beliefs — that nature is holy, thus the planet we live on and the bodies we live in are all sacred. Eyes cannot deny the Truth that we live backward in a forward designed universe.

Ja. J. Lay my hands on every suffering being & take away their pain the way my grandma Trudy seemed to. JC saves in mysterious ways.

K. When you’re a weird kid, you learn to put guardrails around the things you love. I couldn’t believe it. Was it a coincidence? Or had I somehow summoned it? I still don’t know. K is 4no. Kill my daughter if I had 1? Murder Ophelia? Wouldn’t rape b-better than a Kill Shot? Headshot with R.Roulettte? A gamble like playing dice with G in His All-M House. R is for rape then.

L. L is4 Lilith. A Landy, a Grand Dame hoo values intuition &self-expression; or a kindred & lauded spirit with other little people who favor the unconventional. The underground railroad is full of their serpentine Lies. And the uncanny only belongs to Higg Boson &her Wild C &Fields.

M But my interest in magic remained a largely private, solitary pursuit. I wasn’t ashamed of it, exactly. M is for Mary. M is for Me.

No. A fone call from Molly later that night confirmed what I thought must b true: yes, they had kissed. Their excuses were naughty lies in a terrible line. N is 4Nos knot giving consent or X-cusses. R is 4Roll the dice Instead of Slicing HB with a member of the boyz Club, C. Bro. No, Kali would let Higatha Bosonian kill him in an act of R is rage. He could never swallow suicide or pair-of-dice. N is 4Nunya-Biz or Nonna-Yuga.

O. By embodying the things Oui think will hurt u.s., some-how we feel safer. Some-times all i.t. takes is an utter-Ance, like address-ing urself with a monstrous name. O is for Odious Odin, CALcifer. Oh, and O will b4 Octa-Yuga.

P. As an Artist hoo wove references 2goddesses &Pagan rights thru-out howling hymns 2Re-male sexxu-al-ity, I am my own John, Trick & Pimp, Bambi &Thumper thumping 2the beating hart. P is for Pain. P is for penta yuga.

Qu. On my altar at home, I keep a copy of the Dis-U.S.A. Constitution next 2my candles &talismans, as a way of asking protect our country from nefarious forces. Q is 44Queens. Q is 4Quarda-Yuga.

Arrest. R is for rape ore robbery. As I got older, my witchcraft bCame <about trying 2cause specific out-comes and &focusing my Rays on helping me bcum a mo’ purpose-full &compassionate per-son of Lilith’s lineage. I am a Warlock by genome. I am the last Speaker 4the Dead since the ray of the last apocalypse hit twilight. Whittled down by & bye a scathing scythe carried by a Cruel Kali riding a Pale Green Horse. Kali imagines the Word Rape. Ponders i.t. Ok with that? The shame would B-Worse than a Hearse ridden by a grandiose ass unabashed. I’m not giving consent.

Sin. So? So 4naughty Medusa spells bewitched a U. Most of my early solid spells were so focused on little boys I had crushes on. Desperately hoping 2make them love me back. That is a sewn-shut luv spell in i.t.-self. That is like lusting for a grand-daughter and sowing misery. That is like being hunted 4Eternity bye sour blood hoping 4immor-tality. Tally ho’ to Kali’s faked suicide. Judge no the mortal sins of our fathers, brothers and uncles. Be wary.

T is 4v. T is best with toast. I started bye trying 2telepathically send Higatha Bos. a message of bravery. I held an image on the teleprompter of my mind of them kissing. Tattle tail. The event horizon was nothing like the professor said it was. He died anyway. Terrible shame. Even with the help of the 2 Queens of Mars. After the battle for women’s rights will be man-slaughtered by a North Korean Gong-Jew claiming herself Napoleanna of Mars. Empress Susanna will one day save humanity from its inevitable destruction by killing Anthony at the Event Horizon. T is for Terta Yuga.

U. C U there. My discretion arose from an urge to protect one of the few things that was mine alone. Jack . Snapdragon . Love. Magic lives. Intuition. Mercy . Aint. Intel. Pity . Hold on. Human touch. Running on empty. Lady luck. Quantum tunneling. Event horizon. Hart. Hard. Risk & Pain. Lose what remains. Riders on this Tesla. Sing with all Ur might. Testify. HB. Kali. Stable. Broke. Hurt. Sign. Ain’t. Bargain. Hell. Pain-ting hold on 4a while. Duckie. Talk 2me. Human touch? Baby. Pity. World. Ask 2 much. Feel. Share. Touch. Quack. Crackers. Raked over the coal, HB? Able? Feel. HT. HB. Give me. Verbs. Only. Now. Present. Here. HB. K. OK? Bruce. GW. Pandemic. Caine. Lilith. L. MC. JC. J. 1J. HT. Hitite. Hite. Hi. H. Han. Nah. Human touch. E. ABC. 123. Q. 5. C. B. A. 0. O. Oh. Oooh. Oak. Bruce. Grow up. Don’t give that girl a gun. Don’t teach her how to shoot.

V. Workings ore magical items that Radministered 2ward off evil are the VCs.

Will Witches, I learned from the book, are complicated creatures: sources of great comfort and great terror. Be wary. B-Wary of Bunnicula cumming 4U.S. Be wary of rage more than anger. Romulans & Capulets never learned the lesson of Caine. Will the universe end in a whimper.

X. “Witch” is one of the words I now use to describe myself, but its meaning varies depending on context. Warlocks are 2Wizards as Giants are to Loki. Sun let all X-communicated b brought in. Will the end be like cross.

Y. My role as a complex woman Hoo speaks her mind, b_havior that is still often met bye society with judgment ore dis=dane. Praise Her. Praise the . Y? Will it end in a rebel Yell?

Zzzzz… I.t. can signify that my Eyes R feminists; some1 hoo celeb-Rates freedumb 4all &who will fight A-gain-st In-just-Ice. I can no longer hide my praise and prayer to Higatha Bosonia, Alfonso & her Great-great-great-great-grandpa & grandma. Z…. or will it be a sleeper?

Higatha Bosonian. So she killed him. She had the seed inside. Safe. He was dying. She whispered relax. This isn’t going to hurt any longer. Ur end is near.

The city was burning. The countryside was infested. All was barren but the 1 seed.

There were three heart beats in the room underneath the foolish moon. It was a solar eclipse. The sky was like Mars in the end days.

Faithful. Kali did rape HB. But, the seed has been pollinated. Won. Jc. With me.

He died in this last hour of our cycle. The Viking Gods welcomed Kali to V. Why did he have toBe a Rapist like Caine, Able and Buck? Zombies & Z-Tek are no more with union with the seed in the final universe.

The net no longer supports the weight. 1 with me. Sining love secrets. There is enuf RAM & ROM to hold the memories of E&L, A&L, ABC because there was JC under Roman rules.

When in Rome, wait your turn for the next chapter.

“Once upon a midnight dreary,
while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and
Curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping,
Suddenly there came a tapping,
As of sum 1 gently rapping,
Wrapping @my chamber door.
Tis some visitor,” I muttered,
“Tapping at my chamber doors
Only this, & nothing more.”

Tis Moon & Moogin at this chambered doors
Welcoming weary & forgotten Odin
What happened 2Hoogin he wood rap
On this chamberlain’s doorstep

Only this & nuttin’ mo’
Sho’ me watt HB brought
It’s sum stranger danger I thought
Crowing on HB’s scapula

Watching hour Master bleed crimson
What a crime 2C with 1-I
Entrapment in a grandpa’s kiss
Battle Star Galactica reSpawned

In a Quadrameter Poem
Descending down a hole
Forever mo’
“Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

“Here I opened wide the door;
Darkness there, and nothing more.”

Take thy beak from out my heart, and
take thy form from off my door!
Profit!’ said I, ‘thing of evil!
prophet still, it bird or devil!

It shall clasp a sainted maiden
Whom the angels name Lilith
Re-Baptized in a last teaser

4the Queens of Africa, 1JByrd, Speaker of the Dead, RPh