2 min readJun 11, 2018


“Academic provacatrice”

I love your lexicon. It has a sexy bite to it.

Thank you for your analysis on Laura Collins’ paintings. Very thought provoking indeed.

As a man, I have a lot to learn from women. I might be out of line, but I guess because I’m a man, I am a life long learner of women and their super-powers as long as I stay married, stay a son to my mother and stay true to my Girl Power, too. Men are easier to read as a man, but I love the complexity of women’s lexicon.

I also loved this sentence from your article:

“She believes than in addition to seeing the finger points as an act of aggression, “there is a vulnerability and defensiveness at the heart of these gestures”; this dichotomy is what interested her most imho… “AI”

As a man, Laura’s paintings make me jump like a Vet at a shooting range full of women. I was immediately traumatized by a screenful of ladies pointing their fingers at me. I felt my dopamine dwindle. I wanted to close the window, but then I realized through my own disagreements with women that they were all hurting like I was. PTSD is the new normal.

“makes my viewers reconsider their role as spectators both inside and outside of the gallery.” — Collins

I couldn’t say it better than Collins.

Yes, it’s an age old ontological quest to be on the inside and the outs or the dog-house at the same time. Some people cheat and take LSD on their road to forgiveness. Others hold on tenaciously despite the finger pointing to the bitter answer and spew out their blame in paintings, but who’s pointing at whom?

Thank you for a fascinating journey into Laura’s mind.