A New Escape Plan

Challenger explosion — No 1 survived despite the conspiracy

only the weak or anxious seek escape hatches
they as alcoholics, potheads & nymphos fumble
Trapped in shuttles blindly testing knobs exploding?

his chamber is ignited with O2 & globs of ashes
he air high above earth is heavy with memories
Others in Houston radio me bent on 1 last escape

t’s suicide to open hatches before your time is up
‘ll equalize pressures between me & the great suck
When all locked chambers have been depressurized

hen I’ve crossed lines, dotted tease, & tossed dog tags
ill I gladly submit like Resnik to my Challenger
I welcome self experimentation till Oh rings blow

change of heart dying to reject the deadly splash
t the last hatch feared by drunk seamen walking planks
It’s the 1 where the sun hangs out of balanced because of us

t’s where the prodigal son flees Mardi Gras north to order
f that hatch turns fetid with gases & ethereal girls
Don’t recycle glasses whizzing, or soiled TP in space

eave homeward bound, Babylon is cramping my style
et the bright sun & the sparkly dark side of Earth invite
Barf me on the narrows where lost chords are flotsam found

ot because I am 1 of 2 chosen to be tethered to you
o, because there is no sun when hatches are battened
Alone & a star beckons without hope’s wind, touch my faith

ED lights pale to that prick of light outside of Challengers
ead me to exchange heart tethered to another undeniable
O2 escapes animating limbs twisted umbilical innocence cut

ve got no more tricks up this astro-nut, no escape plan
m hatching 1 last escape on a budget for a good cause
The last step home, I’m not worthy by any man or child’s guess

meant to take off my helmet to air out my temptations
Miles above mother & fatherlands, above Davis & Onizuka
Grace, let me be on time to save both of us before orbits fall

on life support because of withdrawal from my light
have both feet bound, but let my son have my chance
Let me be welcomed as prodigal dust hanging with space junk

rodigal space flotsam like me escaping homes in low orbit
rattling like preserved scavengers above Babylon’s lights & airs
With children thriving below lonely me like whales to Ahab’s Aye

urvivors? None. Sure?
ay, Reznik sole escaped 2 with Earhart to a deserted isle?
So I only am escaped alone to tell thee? Neigh, oui, bee 3+1.

Dedicated to the last crew of Challenger



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