1 step back

2 min readJan 16, 2020

I feel our collective venom

Everywhere I am

As if a hydrogen bomb smacked me

The moment the web awakened

Here in our collective ego

Ergo Facebook put us under spotlights

Did you feel the blow during elections?

Trump cannot be the only fangs of this Beast

Not red or blue, not even MAGA as he believes

Just one sad priapism of our viral erection

But he was a bomb that ushered in our era

It’s not his Tea Party taking on Obama right

It’s not hatred infecting Republicans left

It’s not Twitter causing Palin to streak

It’s not the sickness that’s possessed my ex

Some hypnotize themselves, some doubtful

It’s not her mock of my manhood as Trump would

It’s in our radioactive air of toxic imaginations

Where John Lennon once crooned like Lenin

It’s bred in our common five minutes of fame

Thank Arpanet for giving out timeshares

Instead of reruns of the Apocolypse

Just as in War Games, a bug was found in us

It’s our insides turned binary for all to gawk

Now everyone is weird, the masquerade of civility over

It’s the wild west of our neurons tweeting BitCoins

The Englightenment dimmed from the flash mob

The Magna Carta defaced by the Vandal, Bansky

Post-Truth has deferred to the morning star

I believe therefore I’m right may be Satan’s line

We are truly His dark children, embrace Him

Instead, the royalty has globally regressed

Back to pubescence, Mars is still lonely

Five thousand years forward to humanity

One thousand years back to history

Even the Wild West came to end without land

Even the Black plague ends finding no chatroom

It’s medieval to misuse tech powers as grownups

Abused like manna falling carelessly as Apples

We are all ungrateful Jews and Muslims

Never satisfied with just desserts

Fondling our machines without coming home

Let’s examine the workings of sin and sex

And who can forget pride before the Fall

Tickling our sexy, lonely collective minds

Feeling enraged and deprived of faith

Turning to the dark side sabers gloating

At work again Tweeting and bullying

We enter another Dark Age by each keystroke

When Truth and Love became relatives

Back in 1969 when the packet of sanity broke

Back when my sister was born in a warzone

Communion became nearly impossible

Obama, sing Amazing Grace for us again

Against the blackness terrible on the web

Deal me out till justice trumps this Hate

The sun will come up again, this I have faith

In time we will all be in our innocent Red Giant

That’s what the Greeks angled for long ago